What do we do?

The high degree of diversification in the building blocks of the technology added to the substantial complexity at block level makes the development of the autonomous driving car an extremely challenging task.

None of the companies involved in the development of the autonomous car can claim a know-how which spans all the different areas which need to be covered. Based on its background and know-how, every company focuses its research efforts in specific areas in order to provide the best solution for the specific building block.

As a player in the autonomous driving technology, BhaiTech has focused its resources to implement in the most robust and elegant way the algorithms which allow the autonomous car to interact safely with the surrounding environment while guaranteeing satisfactory performance levels. Motion control technology, target path generation for the autonomous car are just some examples of the type of algorithms that have been developed and are continuously evolving.

Motion Planning & Motion Control

Based on the experience acquired in recent years in the field of ADAS, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Development, BhaiTech has begun development of motion planning and motion control technologies for autonomous.

We can now provide hardware-agnostic software solutions for motion planning and motion control.



Real-time identification of operating conditions.


Our software solution for the intelligent tire allows adding the real-time sensing of the operating conditions to the existing vehicle sensing capabilities of its surroundings.

BHAITECH INTELLIGENT TIRE ® is about real-time identification of vehicle operating conditions and vehicle maneuverability limits.




Add redundancy in automated driver behavioral strategy.


BhaiTech has also invested its resources in the development of classic engineered algorithms for path planning to be used in parallel or as fallback option for most widely used machine learning algorithms.




Let your autonomous solution

drive any car under all operating conditions.


This is the goal in mind when we started the development of our motion control plugin for the autonomous.

Company long-standing expertise in the field of vehicle dynamics has naturally led to development of advanced motion control algorithms based on real-time identification of vehicle operating conditions.

Thanks to this feature, BHAITECH MOTION CONTROL ® technology can enable autonomous driving under all operating conditions or at the highest level of autonomy.




 Speed up autonomous algorithm development.

 Save on costs.

Test algorithm performances in a rugged environment.


BhaiTech has developed a novel tool based on a rescaled traffic scenario which features a flexibility level comparable to that of simulation together with the lack of pattern and predictability in events typical of the real-world.